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Our wire-bound calendars are produced through our sister site at Zazzle. There you can choose one of our wonderful flower image calendars and then select other possible options such as size, wire color, or date style, if available, to further customize your calendar.

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You can find the beautiful wire-bound calendars pictured above at our Zazzle store. We upload our wonderful flower images onto a calendar template and work out the initial design for you.  Then, as a customer there, you can select further options, when available, such as size, wire color, or date style to get just the one that fits in your decor. Visit our site at Zazzle soon!


The Elegant Flowers Wall Calendar, for example, is the standard calendar size at 11 in wide x 17 in tall when open and hung on a wall.  When closed or folded, the calendar measures 11 in wide by 8.5 in tall.


A smaller two-page design version, the Elegant Flowers Desktop Calendar, is just right to lay on your desktop or tuck in your purse. This calendar measures 7 in wide by 11 in tall when open or, when closed or folded, this calendar measures 7 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall.


Another style, as seen in the Elegant Wreaths Calendar, features our gorgeous mixed flower  wreaths and the calendar dates together on one page so that you can make notes on the blank facing page if you wish. This calendar measures 7 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall when folded into place or 7 in wide by 11 in tall when fully open.


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